I really do hope NCsoft designates an RP server! I know recently, many games have done away with RP servers. Although in ESO and GW2’s case I’m assuming its because of the whole MegaServer technology or I’m certain Bethsoft/Zenimax would’ve designated one, as they’re known to be respectful of roleplay. But yes, if I recall correctly even before GW2 had megaserver technology, Tarnished Coast was still an “unofficial rp server”

I would like to mention Archeage because while the game gets a lot of flak, the RP community there is, although small, very strong, close knit, and most importantly (in terms of getting an RP server) vocal! It was the voices of the RP community’s presence on the official forums that finally pushed Trion to acknowledge Tahyang as the offical RP server of Archeage. They even had a few managers from Trion hop on the Archeage RP Skype chat to say hello to the community. And the RP community’s player-made towns were even showcased on a few livestreams.

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My point is, it wasn’t quick or easy, but with enough presence and being vocal, Archeage’s small RP community was able to convince Trion that Tahyang was worthy to be called an offical RP server, and the server definitely benefited from that, as soon after, RPers began to pour into the server.

We should definitely continue and strengthen our efforts to make ourselves known on the official forums and also the Dojo and their respective Roleplay sections (Offical Forum Roleplay and Dojo Roleplay)

A bad sign would be the official forum’s roleplay section has been removed from the main forum hub. And I was only able to locate it via a google search. This might be telling of NCsoft’s position on roleplay but perhaps we can change that with a big enough presence!
Well i think if it does come down to having to decide on an unofficial RP server, it would have to be, as Admin Person says, very public and open. No point in deciding on an RP server and having only 5 people know about it! xD It would be best to allow the entire community to have a say and then find a way to let it be known far and wide. Offical RP server designation is always better than unofficial as oftentimes, many RPers don’t bother looking for an RP website to find out if theres an unofficial one or not.