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Its been + than 24 hours since i sent the ticket, regardless that i basicly wasted my 3 day headstart and had to make Cheap BNS Gold a new character i was willing to give the game a 2nd chance but im still waiting for my founder stuff to be returned to my new char and the coins (i, didnt just buy the 125 dollar pack i also bought 50 more dollars in coins) that i spent on that char to be returned too. Most of the items u get from founder are for early lvls so by the time ill get them it will be a waste so… Im wondering if i should just ask for a refund and play the game for free.

eh i went to poharan and am also waiting though i do find it interesting that my tickets time how long its been since submission keeps changing rather its like someones looking at it resetting the time then promptly ignoring it lol i hope that isnt the case but wierd things happen i guess – or i suppose it could also be one of those things where if anyone on their end even looks at it it resets the submission timer thing i dont know – just found it interesting and a bit funny myself is all

mine isnt quiet that bad but its been being reset roughly 3 times i posted it i wanna say sunday very early am if im not mistaken oh and timezones est usa for me so its only pm monday as of this post for me but still for it to have reset the timer like that 3 times and me to only have recieved the acknowledgement message that every ticket ever gets feels odd

more or less what i figured in Buy BNS Gold  all honesty i still have my mushin toon right now i checked the queue and it is significantly down from what it was instead of a queue of over 2300 ppl its back down to around erm 1500 ish last i bothered to look still that means there are probably a lot of ppl trying to take advantage of this to ease their own issues so its prolly a good thing its being used just means they gonna be busy lo