After a long wait, Blade and Soul will finally be launched tomorrow. Can’t wait to play the game? Wait a minute. If you’re new to Buy BNS Gold this game, there are something you should know. A Redditor named deveznuzer21 made a list of tips to help the beginners save time, money and effort in the beginning of Blade and Soul. You can check them below or find the details on the original post.

1. Do not waste your repair tools carelessly.
2. Do not waste your keys and charms on weapons you don’t need.
3. Do not sell the weapons and accessories you find that you don’t need, they can be used as upgrade material so keep them for when the time comes.
4. Whether you use your training weapon or the best weapon in arena PvP you deal the same damage.
5. Your weapon only loses durability when you get hard CC’d (for example knocked down or stunned) or when you are defeated and enter falled down state.
6. Salvage soul shields you find from random mobs, they drop transmutation materials.
7. In boss fights, if you’re playing Blade Master or Kung-Fu Master, you can block any attack with a yellow indicator.
8. When crafting, you can log out safely without your orders getting cancelled.
9. You only want to upgrade your Hongmoon Weapon, which you’ll get from your class quest in Bamboo Village.
10. When you are at Croaker Lagoon, kill Ploggle King Giganura a few times. Using a few spare keys (but not all), open his loot boxes until you have a Ruby with 50-60 Additional Damage on Attack, and an Amethyst with 30-50 Life Leech or 30-50 Instant HP Recovery on Crit.
11. Keep your Soul Shield up to date, but only replace Buy BNS Gold parts if the stats are better.
12. Once you get to Jadestone do all of the profession gathering quests. They’re extremely easy to do and give a whopping 1000 exp each, which lets you skip more time-consuming quests early on.
13. Once you get your desired professions, try to make as many crafting orders as you can reasonably afford.
14. One very important one to add is that doing achievements increase character stats.