Pic should be there for awhile on gyazo.. taken on the Jiwan server.

The three in crimson gear sat around Sode farming her..they were Blade & Soul Gold able to revive her. I don’t care if I broke any rule posting others names. This is utter BS. I get it PVP junkies need that burst of ego fuel. but you made it so they can revive and farm weak prey? seriously.. who thought that was a good idea? There is no PK protection at all on repeated farming. I had hoped the game would have attracted some mature players. But all I am seeing in chat and displayed in world is childish greed and fragile egos hunting for easy prey for Pvp..

I had hoped to get to rank 10 premium.. but now blade and soul is feeling more like one of those pvp kids games. The kind you just log in to kill time and don’t put any serious time or focus on..sucks cause I was watching the game for a few years.

Take off faction outfit?

She was not able to take off her faction outfit while dead over and over. Also those outfits on their hover text have no warning of hey this is a Pvp suit. Only reason I knew it was a pvp suit was from the forums reading about high levels farming new players.