if you wants the game to get really fun and fun to Cheap Blade And Soul Gold play and not getting hard for you the MODERATORS you can add after the 6 password code that you type before enter to the game itself you can put the servers and now it can show to everyone that wants to enter to a server with his friends so they can play with him with no qeuaue and not waiting time  for example server that called bohan : will show to everyone the capacity of the server players example :5500/10000 and now everyone will knows if to enter or not
and then every player can choose which one to enter with no waiting time and have a fun game

another example server that called :diruy have 999/1000
why to do it becuase every player wants to enter to the game and the qeuaue stuck the progress of the players

i hope you will accept this i love this game so much :]
and i want the best for the game and for us the players
and of course you the moderators


this not a spam plis pay attention