Well, you’re using “arbitrary difficulty” in a way it can Cheap Blade And Soul Gold confuses people. It did for me, since something like “arbitrary difficulty” can be described in games like I wanna be the guy and etc

There’s nothing “arbitrary” in the chosing of CDs, how skill work, or how fast or slow they work. This isn’t an action game where the only variables are the FPS and the lag input of the controller/gamepad. There’s these things involved here, but also how the servers map your position, the oponent’s position, how your skills land in a person who is 10.000 kms away from you (I play with the penguins at my side, actually), or probably a few houses, but the information has to travel and be procesed in real time. And in top of that, there’s the risk of someone who doesn’t “play by the rules” (anybody who played Aion, another NC game, can confirm it… but if you want to make your own idea, imagine someone who can spam 3 times in a second a skill with 10 sec of CD). In sum, everything was crafted thinking in that

What you’re thinking is Artificial Difficulty, which also doesn’t have anything to do with anything you said in the beginning
I am sorry that you misunderstood my OP.
I think you are still missing or misunderstanding it, since you are talking about me saying CD’s, skills mechanics etc. is arbitrary, which I haven’t stated anywhere, neither do I think so.
The arbitrary concept I speak of specificly on B&S is the stances/modes which classes switches too to get access to 50% of their skills at a time (yes yes its not 50% exactly, calm down 😉 ).

The switching mechanic is an arbitrary difficulty, its purpose is to make it “harder” to accomplish the task of using a skill fast.
Therefore its purpose is simply to make it harder to accomplish something, which is how I would define “arbitrary difficulty”. It doesn’t add any value to the gameplay which couldn’t be accomplished in a better manner.

The type of game doesn’t matter for the concept really. However some games might need arbitrary difficulty because they are so incredibly easy by nature that without this, they get too boring and you simply lose interested.
But in B&S that should really not be the case, especially when taking hints from other action mmo’s or from their own Aion which have its main difficulty added in simply the speed and amount of skills to keep track of (and every one of them have its specific own purpose, with very few if any truly overlapping and able to be removed or put together for same effect).

For the balance which you are back to when talking “3 times a second etc” that’s a balance issue, number game. IF it turns out that it is too fast, then set up the GCD until it is manageable for a top pro player to react.
If you mean that removing CD’s (which I never said) or lowering the CD’s (which could be needed if setting up the speed of the gameplay), then again it is a balance to hit the right difficulty wanted in the gameplay ^^

and yes you can call it artificial difficulty as well, and would BNS Gold properly be a better way to describe it in one word (however the explanation should make it clear what we are talking about).