I don’t have much to say about this subject, just what seems like a bug issue and maybe a couple quality-of-life improvements.

o I believe it’s the Pure Jiangshi or however it’s spelled that refuses to Buy Blade And Soul Gold go into anyone’s wardrobe. The one I’m talking about is the one you get from the Orchard of Souls field boss.
***Simple. Just allow it to go into the Wardrobe.

o I feel the Wardrobe should be account-wide, and I am not the only one who believes this. I understand though that by doing this you cut down on the longevity of the game because you cut out a chunk of the grind on alternate characters. However, with this feature only being available to those with a Premium account, this issue can be easily taken care of and taken advantage of.
***You could add an item into the cash shop which can cost say one-hundred NCoins/Hongmoon Coins, and it allows you to enable one piece of cosmetic attire in the Wardrobe be transferable between characters on your account. One-hundred is pretty cheap because even the most basic, crappy venture coin can typically net you one-hundred Hongmoon coins, so freemium users can still achieve this, albeit at a much slower rate. Also you could stand to profit from this as people who would pay for such a feature would more than likely buy Blade And Soul Gold the item in bulk so they can transfer grips of different cosmetics over to their alternate characters. I know I would personally.