I agree with what MissSaobie is saying, and as an avid card collector Cheap MapleStory Mesos in-game it worries me. I never used the cards for their attack damage, but the buffs have always been a great help! Was their decreased drop rate a part of Reboot’s added difficulty?

Also, I had a question related to this topic. Is it possible to find monster cards (the ones that show item drop lists) on the Reboot server to fill the Crusader codex? I have not found any, and was beginning to wonder if it’s just bad luck or an intentional block of the cards?

Thats what literally everyone says. Im not saying its bad that its low, im saying its lower than it was, MUCH lower. Chief Oblivion guardian for instance used to be a “farm for 20min and youll get 1 or 2” sort of thing. Iv been there for hours on end with no luck, and the same can be said for much lower level enemies iv wanted a fam from, like the lv123 Lycanthrope. The drop rate is shot, and the rarity as i stated is so severely low that it sucks all the fun out of collecting. They dont ave a 0% drop rate but with what it is now, they might as well.