So basically for those who dont know fragment pouches are dropped by Blade And Soul Gold certain bosses mainly lvl 45 but the drops are NOT placed in the auction they are obtained by the first person to loot the chest that they drop starting the auction. This is an issue because 1. its ping to win again and 2. Range classes such as myself kinda get screwed making obtaining these pouches really unfair. Now ur all probably saying “oh just get close and ull have same chance” well not necessarily because as a FM (dunno about summ) im generally pretty squishy so if i do get close to the boss i will increase my likelihood of dying therefore making my chances of getting it basically.
Suggestions on solving
1. make it part of the mail chest u get after killing and either remove it from the dropped chest or keep it there for an extra reward
2.put it in the auction, i dont like this option cause the auction system is pretty bad imo but it at least gives a better chance for everyone to get it

Reason im making this thread is that is one of the most reliable and farmable ways of obtaining those pouches