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Thank you! I’m 17 Blade And Soul Gold at the moment, and have been doodling since I could hold a pencil. Only got my tablet a year and bit ago though… Also I really don’t mind you asking, considering I’ve posed that question myself to so many amazing artists on the interweb (in a less direct more stalker-esque fashion though o_o). If you have any questions art related as well, please feel free to pester me – I know how frustrating it is to see some beautiful work, and wanting to know about technique etc but the artists are non-communicative.

Yup, she’s still in her hongmoon uniform ovo (been too FOCUSed on my summoner lately (pun intended >.>))

This will be the last one for a while, since school has started.

Addressed to the people who are/will be requesting art – I don’t do ‘free’ requests. However, I do art trades, or art exchange with anything of equivalent value to the time and effort I spend on each work. This is both to reflect the broader issue of artist compensation in the professional community, and a personal thing c:

Wow! Your drawings are awesome and you got some hella great digital painting skills… I would love to trade art with you but I’m not that good so I don’t want you to waste time drawing my character ;;

Some tips to improve digital painting, though? I’m trying hard but I don’t think my hand is suited for it.

HOLY SHIZ Pwanda that’s awesome! I’m sooo not worthy ;; thank you for the painting!

She’s beautiful and doesn’t even give the impression to be the damn noob she is when I play with her. I love the quiet atmosphere, it seems like she’s concentrating to end an enemy in just one blow. What can I say, I’m really really glad to have done an art trade with you! Wait for me, I hope we can do more when I’ll be a better digital painter C:

I’m currently working on a brother Lusung Blade And Soul Premium Membership painting right now!