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Prepare for the final update in the Reboot trilogy: Join up with other players for a full-on 18-player raid against a ferocious new boss, Ursus! Then, take a visit to the newly updated and reopened Korean Folk Town dungeon, where you can play through classic Korean stories. 2016 will also bring you Chinese New Year events. Finally, Chase the Beast Tamer is returning; create this character job for a limited time! All this and more, in the Ursus update!
Get ready for the ultimate destruction! Players Lv. 100 and above will be able to band together as a group of 18 to take on a ferocious new boss, Ursus. This ursine king is raring mad and ready for a fight! Get matched up with a group, and choose 8 pre-selected skills to use during the fight. When the dust clears, your battle results will appear—grading you on survival time, total damage and more. Collect various items from Ursus, then trade them in for rewards such as chairs and damage skins!

Welcome the newly updated Korean Folk Town theme dungeon. The town will now experience night and day, and the backgrounds have been updated. Players Lv. 125 and above can enter the theme dungeon to collect jade items to help prevent the town’s destruction. Several classic Korean stories will be told, including “The Good Brothers”, “The Sun and the Moon”, and “Gold Axe, Silver Axe”. As you progress through the stories, the appearance of the town will change. Spiegelmann is even planning to open a new Ghost Park area in February!

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with seasonal events! Many Fortune Tellers have appeared in Maple World, and they are ready to bless you with good fortune for the new year! Receive a buff from the Henesys Fortune Telling Pig, and collect Lead Lumps to earn random rewards from the Fortune Teller from Edelstein. Meet specific requirements (raising Fame, achieving a combo kill, or meeting certain players) to obtain a Good Fortune Box from the Sky containing one of four new chairs, a Pendant of the Spirit, Spell Traces, or other items!You can increase your MapleStory level by buying more MapleStory Mesos.


Chase, the Beast Tamer, is making a return! This job will once again be open for character creation. Grab your animal friends and explore Maple World! And the fire keeps on burning with another season of the Burning Character event. Select one of your characters under Lv. 100 to receive two levels instead of one every time you level-up! Keep on leveling to earn Cryptic Chests, which contain Frozen equipment and a pet Snail.You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap MapleStory Mesos.