I’m Blade And Soul 17 at the moment


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Thank you! I’m 17 Blade And Soul Gold at the moment, and have been doodling since I could hold a pencil. Only got my tablet a year and bit ago though… Also I really don’t mind you asking, considering I’ve posed that question myself to so many amazing artists on the interweb (in a less direct more stalker-esque fashion though o_o). If you have any questions art related as well, please feel free to pester me – I know how frustrating it is to see some beautiful work, and wanting to know about technique etc but the artists are non-communicative.

Yup, she’s still in her hongmoon uniform ovo (been too FOCUSed on my summoner lately (pun intended >.>))

This will be the last one for a while, since school has started.

Addressed to the people who are/will be requesting art – I don’t do ‘free’ requests. However, I do art trades, or art exchange with anything of equivalent value to the time and effort I spend on each work. This is both to reflect the broader issue of artist compensation in the professional community, and a personal thing c:

Wow! Your drawings are awesome and you got some hella great digital painting skills… I would love to trade art with you but I’m not that good so I don’t want you to waste time drawing my character ;;

Some tips to improve digital painting, though? I’m trying hard but I don’t think my hand is suited for it.

HOLY SHIZ Pwanda that’s awesome! I’m sooo not worthy ;; thank you for the painting!

She’s beautiful and doesn’t even give the impression to be the damn noob she is when I play with her. I love the quiet atmosphere, it seems like she’s concentrating to end an enemy in just one blow. What can I say, I’m really really glad to have done an art trade with you! Wait for me, I hope we can do more when I’ll be a better digital painter C:

I’m currently working on a brother Lusung Blade And Soul Premium Membership painting right now!


Blade And Soul Gem fragment pouches distribution


So basically for those who dont know fragment pouches are dropped by Blade And Soul Gold certain bosses mainly lvl 45 but the drops are NOT placed in the auction they are obtained by the first person to loot the chest that they drop starting the auction. This is an issue because 1. its ping to win again and 2. Range classes such as myself kinda get screwed making obtaining these pouches really unfair. Now ur all probably saying “oh just get close and ull have same chance” well not necessarily because as a FM (dunno about summ) im generally pretty squishy so if i do get close to the boss i will increase my likelihood of dying therefore making my chances of getting it basically.
Suggestions on solving
1. make it part of the mail chest u get after killing and either remove it from the dropped chest or keep it there for an extra reward
2.put it in the auction, i dont like this option cause the auction system is pretty bad imo but it at least gives a better chance for everyone to get it

Reason im making this thread is that is one of the most reliable and farmable ways of obtaining those pouches

Nexon Korea releases Pocket Maple Story onto Android in select regions to start


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MapleStory is a long-lived side-scrolling Cheap MapleStory Mesos MMORPG from Nexon. The term “long lived” is not being used lightly here, either. MapleStory has been alive and quite well since 2003. And its audience will only expand when Pocket MapleStory launches worldwide for mobile platforms.

According to a press release distributed by Nexon earlier this week, Pocket MapleStory plays identically to its PC parent. That means you can gather up a squad of heroes, build up your battle skills, and play through over 1500 quests set in a jolly universe filled with monsters, dragons, and adventure. There’s also online multiplayer with network party play, a first for mobile MapleStory.

Many MMORPGs currently on mobile trend towards a hyper-realistic art style and grim stories involving demons and blood and conquest. If you’re tired of the grim and grey offerings on parade, maybe you should consider cleansing yourself in Pocket MapleStory’s super-deformed forge for a little while.

If you’re in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, or Sweden, you can download a soft-launch version of Pocket MapleStory on Google Play. A worldwide launch should be happening soon on iOS and Android.

I agree with what MapleStory MissSaobie is saying



I agree with what MissSaobie is saying, and as an avid card collector Cheap MapleStory Mesos in-game it worries me. I never used the cards for their attack damage, but the buffs have always been a great help! Was their decreased drop rate a part of Reboot’s added difficulty?

Also, I had a question related to this topic. Is it possible to find monster cards (the ones that show item drop lists) on the Reboot server to fill the Crusader codex? I have not found any, and was beginning to wonder if it’s just bad luck or an intentional block of the cards?

Thats what literally everyone says. Im not saying its bad that its low, im saying its lower than it was, MUCH lower. Chief Oblivion guardian for instance used to be a “farm for 20min and youll get 1 or 2” sort of thing. Iv been there for hours on end with no luck, and the same can be said for much lower level enemies iv wanted a fam from, like the lv123 Lycanthrope. The drop rate is shot, and the rarity as i stated is so severely low that it sucks all the fun out of collecting. They dont ave a 0% drop rate but with what it is now, they might as well.

Quick Preview of Faction Costumes and PvP Rewards for Blade & Soul


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Gameplay Features of Factions Explained

Martial artists must choose a faction to Buy Blade And Soul Gold align themselves with early in their story. We’ll be going over some of the core gameplay features that being in a faction provides.
PvP & You
The Cerulean Order and the Crimson Legion are rivals in the world of Blade & Soul, even though they share a common cause. When you first join a faction, you’ll be rewarded with a faction costume. Equipping this costume will notify other players—and members of the factions—that you’re ready to fight. Putting on a faction costume not only flags you for PvP against members of the opposing faction, but also opens up daily faction quests and faction-specific Windstride ports (provided you’ve activated them).

World PvP Rewards
Defeating an opposing faction member within a valid level range provides you with temporary PvP currency known as Prestige Points. If you defeat a player of the opposing faction, you are also able to steal their accumulated Prestige points. But be careful – they can do the same back to you! Prestige is able to be traded for reputation within your faction, as well as for items and other rewards.

You start at Faction Rank 10, and through acquiring reputation, will progress all the way up to Rank 1. The maximum amount of Prestige Points you can collect increases as your Faction Rank increases. You can swap factions at any point, but if you do you’ll lose all reputation you’ve gained, and you’ll have to start over from Faction Rank 10 if you ever decide to swap back.
World PvP Locations
The Warring Factions spend their time battling over resources, and you’ll be able to see where they’re fighting by looking for Blade And Soul Power leveling the faction symbols present on the map:

Nexon Removes Controversial Meso Sacks From MapleStory’s Reboot World


Nexon recently launched the Reboot World for MapleStory in order to provide what it describes as a “hardcore RPG experience where balance impacting items can be obtained in-game through the efforts of each individual player.

Soon after the launch, there was a Change.org petition signed by nearly 500 players to encourage Nexon to remove Cheap MapleStory Meso Sacks from the Reboot World. They argued that the Meso Sacks “completely defeats the purpose of the Reboot world and many players are upset about it.”

At first, the “Reboot Meso Sack” was available to purchase from the Reboot World Cash Shop and awarded millions of mesos when purchased, encouraging players to buy their way to the top.

Nexon’s initial reaction was to limit the purchase of Meso Sacks to players at Level 150 and above. Listening to the feedback from players, Nexon has decided to removed Meso Sacks from the Reboot World entirely. But now the Meso Sacks have been removed from the MapleStory Reboot World entirely.

“We’ve decided to remove these items while we further review community feedback and monitor meso activity in Reboot World,” Nexon writes in the announcement. “This will give us more insight as to whether or not we need to provide any additional ways to obtain meso in the future.”
Read more stories about PC & MapleStory on Siliconera.

Outfits & Wardrobe of Blade and Soul


I don’t have much to say about this subject, just what seems like a bug issue and maybe a couple quality-of-life improvements.

o I believe it’s the Pure Jiangshi or however it’s spelled that refuses to Buy Blade And Soul Gold go into anyone’s wardrobe. The one I’m talking about is the one you get from the Orchard of Souls field boss.
***Simple. Just allow it to go into the Wardrobe.

o I feel the Wardrobe should be account-wide, and I am not the only one who believes this. I understand though that by doing this you cut down on the longevity of the game because you cut out a chunk of the grind on alternate characters. However, with this feature only being available to those with a Premium account, this issue can be easily taken care of and taken advantage of.
***You could add an item into the cash shop which can cost say one-hundred NCoins/Hongmoon Coins, and it allows you to enable one piece of cosmetic attire in the Wardrobe be transferable between characters on your account. One-hundred is pretty cheap because even the most basic, crappy venture coin can typically net you one-hundred Hongmoon coins, so freemium users can still achieve this, albeit at a much slower rate. Also you could stand to profit from this as people who would pay for such a feature would more than likely buy Blade And Soul Gold the item in bulk so they can transfer grips of different cosmetics over to their alternate characters. I know I would personally.



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Doesnt matter if is sealed or not, any stuffs from that DG is untradeable, was for trade the last soul shield part to my friend but the unable to trade just screwed everything, even tho we got luck in the weapon and etc, 1st try she got and i got a staff was like … rlly, 2nd run i got twice the weapon i wanted, was like what? But yeah since i’ve started to play with my friend we had lots of fun, only thing we hate is the bid system, doesnt fit on us and even 1 bronze coin is lots for us, annoying that system.
But yeah, maybe that’s lots of unluck *or maybe the black rose curse is real :O* …. idk maybe instead u be like this try to have fun, seems like all the players i see they rush lvl, and then pvp. Like most of games, don’t see from them that they are having fun, they are like “throwing away slowly the game” :/ But wathever, is then gameplay not mine

Blackram Narrows Blight weapon drop rate is not “bad RNG”, it’s mentally retarded RNG. It’s broken. I finally had to break down and spend $5 dollars and buy the damn key after being lvl 22-23 for 3 days of grinding that boring ass dungeon.

Artificial Difficulty



Well, you’re using “arbitrary difficulty” in a way it can Cheap Blade And Soul Gold confuses people. It did for me, since something like “arbitrary difficulty” can be described in games like I wanna be the guy and etc

There’s nothing “arbitrary” in the chosing of CDs, how skill work, or how fast or slow they work. This isn’t an action game where the only variables are the FPS and the lag input of the controller/gamepad. There’s these things involved here, but also how the servers map your position, the oponent’s position, how your skills land in a person who is 10.000 kms away from you (I play with the penguins at my side, actually), or probably a few houses, but the information has to travel and be procesed in real time. And in top of that, there’s the risk of someone who doesn’t “play by the rules” (anybody who played Aion, another NC game, can confirm it… but if you want to make your own idea, imagine someone who can spam 3 times in a second a skill with 10 sec of CD). In sum, everything was crafted thinking in that

What you’re thinking is Artificial Difficulty, which also doesn’t have anything to do with anything you said in the beginning
I am sorry that you misunderstood my OP.
I think you are still missing or misunderstanding it, since you are talking about me saying CD’s, skills mechanics etc. is arbitrary, which I haven’t stated anywhere, neither do I think so.
The arbitrary concept I speak of specificly on B&S is the stances/modes which classes switches too to get access to 50% of their skills at a time (yes yes its not 50% exactly, calm down 😉 ).

The switching mechanic is an arbitrary difficulty, its purpose is to make it “harder” to accomplish the task of using a skill fast.
Therefore its purpose is simply to make it harder to accomplish something, which is how I would define “arbitrary difficulty”. It doesn’t add any value to the gameplay which couldn’t be accomplished in a better manner.

The type of game doesn’t matter for the concept really. However some games might need arbitrary difficulty because they are so incredibly easy by nature that without this, they get too boring and you simply lose interested.
But in B&S that should really not be the case, especially when taking hints from other action mmo’s or from their own Aion which have its main difficulty added in simply the speed and amount of skills to keep track of (and every one of them have its specific own purpose, with very few if any truly overlapping and able to be removed or put together for same effect).

For the balance which you are back to when talking “3 times a second etc” that’s a balance issue, number game. IF it turns out that it is too fast, then set up the GCD until it is manageable for a top pro player to react.
If you mean that removing CD’s (which I never said) or lowering the CD’s (which could be needed if setting up the speed of the gameplay), then again it is a balance to hit the right difficulty wanted in the gameplay ^^

and yes you can call it artificial difficulty as well, and would BNS Gold properly be a better way to describe it in one word (however the explanation should make it clear what we are talking about).

NC really? and this is why I waited to spend money



Pic should be there for awhile on gyazo.. taken on the Jiwan server.

The three in crimson gear sat around Sode farming her..they were Blade & Soul Gold able to revive her. I don’t care if I broke any rule posting others names. This is utter BS. I get it PVP junkies need that burst of ego fuel. but you made it so they can revive and farm weak prey? seriously.. who thought that was a good idea? There is no PK protection at all on repeated farming. I had hoped the game would have attracted some mature players. But all I am seeing in chat and displayed in world is childish greed and fragile egos hunting for easy prey for Pvp..

I had hoped to get to rank 10 premium.. but now blade and soul is feeling more like one of those pvp kids games. The kind you just log in to kill time and don’t put any serious time or focus on..sucks cause I was watching the game for a few years.

Take off faction outfit?

She was not able to take off her faction outfit while dead over and over. Also those outfits on their hover text have no warning of hey this is a Pvp suit. Only reason I knew it was a pvp suit was from the forums reading about high levels farming new players.