The most frequently asked question for you is how and why you chose to pursue a career in art, ultimately achieving a position of AD (Art Director).
I started drawing very young, but not extensively until my middle school years. When I was in grade 8, I met “Jung JoonHo” who was an illustrator for “Lineage 2” by coincidence and improved my skills by viewing his works. I think that was the turning point in my life where I decided that I will pursue drawing as my career. When I was working under a game company as a concept artist, I found that my illustrations tended to lose their “taste” in the process of getting turned into actual in-game graphics. I wanted to do my best to prevent that from happening in the future and I naturally became an AD as I studied 3D animations and game development.You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.

Many people who follow your work think that your design pattern is at a very stable and perfect state. Are you willing to keep your style for the future?
It is true that my style of drawing is quite reserved to how I usually draw. I do think, however, that I have made a significant change to myself through Blade & Soul, and that is going from 2D to 3D. I do think that changing my idiom at some point through considering different themes and symbols might be a good chance, but I think the style of developing my skills is through a very slow or a very fast pace.It is believed that you can buy your own BNS Gold before the launch day.

Many believe there is a significant history to how you came about your unique design. Could you tell us?
I want to differentiate between Blade & Soul and other games out there as “Haute Couture” and “Prêt-Porter”. A lot of clothes in other games are very similar to what we see in our lives (shirt, pants), and follow the code of “Ready to Wear”. They are fit to a very comfortable system, very user-friendly with common details and materials (A bit of triteness). I wanted to challenge the design system of ordinary games with “Haute Couture” in mind, and I am designing to the best of my abilities to find a new meaning of art within an expression-free world.

It indeed would be funny to say “I did it with instinct…” about how I draw physical body lines, but it’s true. If I were a woman, I think I might have been able to draw men a little better. To elaborate further, my unique style took its current form because I wanted to break the flatness of 2D through emphasizing lines and shapes in a way to give it more of a live feel.

This question was the most asked from people who have uploaded fan arts on our site. They are curious to what kind of programs and what kind of brush you use while drawing. Could you also please tell us where you place the greatest importance during your drawing?
When I am organizing the lines of my initial sketch or choosing colors I use “Adobe Photoshop”, and for coloring I use “Corel Painter”. Then I go back to using “Adobe Photoshop” for finishing up and adding the last few touches. I sometimes use “3D Studio MAX” as well when I want to incorporate a background with my illustration.

I can’t really pick out the most important matter in my drawing process since there are so many, but if I had to pick one, it would be the “Art’s purpose”. To put it easily, I make sure to have a solid definition of what I want to show people through my works.

When the plan for your interview was released to the public, the fans went crazy over it. What do you think about your current standing and your skills?
I think my current standing is somewhere I feel like I’m a rookie artist about to debut on my first stage. The reason is that we’ve got so much attention from all over the world and it’s the first time I’ve worked as an AD, not an illustrator. I’m trying my best not to lose my passionate rookie mindset. I’ve always been serious about drawing, but I don’t get to experiment a lot these days from working directly with the game’s degree of completion. Just those two jobs keep me real busy. The development of my art style is something I am trying to show my fans even after the release of Blade & Soul.

I can sense that you are being very critical of yourself to pursue perfection. Who are some of the illustrators that have affected you in the past? Are there any illustrators that you are keeping an eye on?
From our country (South Korea), I’d pick Jung JoonHo (Lineage 2), Lee SeulGi (Zera, Brawl Buster), Lee KyungJin (Magna Carta 2), Lee GeunWoo (Tales Weaver, Vindictus), Lee SangBun (Dragon Nest), Park JungSik (Huxley, Dragon Nest).

From overseas, I’d pick Murata Renji (Blue Submarine No.6), Shirou Masamune (Ghost in the Shell), Kuroboshi Kouhaku (Kino’s Journey), Ugetsu Hakua (Burst Angel), Yukito Kishiro (GUNNM) .. Are the few of many illustrators that I consider as rivals and worth keeping an eye on.