This is to voice out the problems that are faced with when trying to get in game.

this queue problem wont be solved with just simply adding “more servers”

Solution = Increase Server Capacity. eg if Mushin can only hold 5000 players, why not increase that capacity to 10k or even 15k to Cheap Blade And Soul Gold accomodate more players. and imo all that purchases that had been made, some of the proceeds should go to investing in expanding server cap. ( buying more servers )

Conclusion = ncsoft team and Blade and soul dev should listen to the problems the players are having. players are your customers. and by doing this queue nonsense just to play is not worth it. time wasted, money wasted.

To the Dev team….. please treat your players as if you were the one in the situation..


Why would NCSOFT have the mass majority of their players in Mushin? The other people in the other servers would play in a ghosttown…

The whole point of locking servers and having smaller capacity is to spread people out and populate all the servers.

This shouldn’t even be an issue at all. They should’ve calculated the server sizes better.

To have thousands of people just waiting to play is just sad. I am glad I was apart of the head-start, otherwise I would not have had the motivation Buy Blade And Soul Gold to come back after this stupid server BS. They will be lucky if all the new players even stick around. Their first day opening and this happens? Uh yeah, talk about a way to drive people away.

My estimated queue time was 15 minutes for 10 minutes, then jumped up to 21 mins, and up again to 24.

They need to increase their server size and eliminate the problem at the root.