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I have joined to this game since Head Start for Founders Pack Cheap Blade And Soul Gold users. Currently i am lvl 26 Blade Dancer – Lyn.
I never played this game before, ever… So i am total newbie in PvP. Since PvE is pretty the same as every online game, so i dont have issues with that.
But is there any guide for Blade Dancer, for example, PvP skill builds, combo tutorials.
I have played AION for really long time since 3.0 (NA), mastered 2 classes and having 2 alts, so i hope it wont take me long to learn all the things for that game.
But still i need some guides.
Thank you in advance! 🙂

Welcome to B&S PvP! I am coming from Aion as well and I can tell you PvP here is a whole different story. If you got some experience with fighting games like Tekken that will help you almost as much as MMO experience. That said, Bladedancers usually do well from what I can see. But arena PvP in B&S is sort of the end game beyond the end game. No boss will ever crush you so utterly as a KFM or destro doing the 100>0 combo on you. Sometimes it only takes one mistake… ^_^’

Yeah, i tried PvP Arena already and yeah, its way different than AION. AION wasnt the easy to master PvP, specially braking animations, slideshots and kiting.. just lots of things, but here, i have to forget what i have Blade And Soul Gold mastered in AION, and start almost from total ZERO…